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EzeBreak- Mod: 1

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EzeBreak mod-1

The EzeBreak I is a compact and affordable demolition system utilizing a fast burning proprietary gas producing cartridge to crack rock and masonry. Operated remotely with a 25-foot pull cord, the EzeBreak I is safe and easy to use. Because of its low energy output, this system is usable in almost any environment. Requiring only a 5/16 inch diameter hole, 9 inches deep, the system can be employed without the need of expensive large hole drilling systems. Assembled using hardened tool steel components, the EzeBreakI provides many years of trouble-free use and is easily serviced in the field with common hand tools. Packaged in a durable and compact molded case (13.5 in.W x 10 in.D x 3.5 in. H), the EzeBreak Kit comes complete with a Micro-Blaster, hole blower, hex key, bull pins (for wedging apart cracked rock), release cord assembly and manual.

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