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BackPack Core Drill

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When carried in the backpack, a standard kit of Core Drill tools and accessories weighs less than 40 pounds.


All of the tools you will need for drilling and sampling most kinds of rock can be carried by an average man or woman in the backpack. There is plenty of room too for extra fuel, water and personal gear.

Easy To Use

Coupling and de-coupling the lead and extensions are simple turn and pull/push hand motions which don’t require the use of additional tools. Removal of cores and core fragments is especially quick and thorough with our core catcher.

Fast Drilling

Rock penetration rates are exceptional because the Core Drill bit kerf is narrow and its full throttle r.p.m. is high.


Rock penetration rates

(timed trials, full throttle, sea level)
Quartzite 2.7 in./min. 69 mm./min.
Slate 4.7 in./min. 119 mm./min.
Basalt 5.0 in./min. 127 mm./min.
Sandstone 5.1 in./min. 130 mm./min.
Dolomite 8.9 in./min. 226 mm./min.
Limestone 9.5 in./min. 241 mm./min.

Water consumption
3.8 gal./hr. 14.4 l/hr.

Fuel consumption
13 fl. oz./hr. 0.39 l/hr. 0.7 tanks/hr

Core diameter
0.81 in. 20.5 mm.

Boring diameter
1.04 in. 26.4 mm.

Angular velocity
(full throttle, no load)
1920 rpm

Drill engine HP
1.31 HP at full throttle

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