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Gold Rush Pro Gold Pan

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Gold Rush Pro Gold Pan

Through it's State of the Art design this pan allows everyone to be
fast and accurate at panning gold!

No other gold pan even comes close!
What's different about the Gold Rush Pro Gold Pan?
Specific improvements over all other gold pans:
Agitation is the primary function of settling heavy minerals in a slurry of water and gravel. When a mixture of water, sand and gravel are agitated, the particles are put into a state of suspension. This opens spaces between the individual particles allowing heavier minerals the gap or room to move down and through the other common particles.

1. Full diameter flat bottom - Spreads material out thinner allowing more rapid stratification of the aggregate. Thinner material gives gold less distance and therefore less time in order to settle to the bottom.

2. Agitation knobs - These create more effective agitation. While the pan is being worked from side to side, front to back and in a circular motion the knobs collide with the water and particles. This creates more agitation of the material than a standard smooth bottomed gold pan.

3. A more vertical side wall - All other pans have low sloped sides. This allows material to move up and down the walls of the pan while creating little obstruction unto which agitation could occur. The Gold Rush Pro Series Pan has sides that are nearly upright. This creates a wall that forces the material to change directions abruptly, creating even more agitation.

4. Skewed cylinder design creates multiple functions.

a) A reverse cut or trap on one side. This allows heavy minerals to be trapped while aggressively shedding lighter waste material.

b) A transitional section between the reverse cut side and the open cut side that allows the material to be gradually upgraded or super concentrated.

c) A Open cut or outward tilting side. This allows for a finishing section to work the upgraded concentrates down to clean gold or precious metals.

d) A thin horizontal rib in the finishing section allows precious metals to remain behind the rib so black sands can be more quickly panned off.

e) A completely smooth section in the finishing area for cleaning up super fine gold.

The combination of all these improvements is a gold pan that captures, concentrates and cleans gold and precious metals faster, easier, and more accurately than any other pan in history, that's why it's Patent Pending!

Through it's State of the Art design this pan allows everyone to be fast and accurate at panning gold!

No other pan even comes close!

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