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G-1 Concentrator

G-1 Concentrator Image

The new G-1 Concentrator is the best of the best!

This new unit was developed in the same way that the "Easy Pan" was.

We started with a blank slate and built the G-1 by eliminating one problem at a time from all the other hydraulic concentrators out there.

Here is the list of problems you'll be familiar with that we solved. 1) Too heavy. 2) Too bulky to transport. 3) Poor washing of material. 4) Too time consuming at clean up. 5) Poor fine gold recovery 6) Can't handle a shovel full of gravel all at once without overloading the sluice. 7) Too expensive!

All the issues that have hampered our prospecting in the past are gone!

We now have a simple, light weight, compact folding, powerful washing, SUPER FAST clean up, superior fine gold recovery, shovel full at a time, inexpensive Hydraulic concentrator!

This power sluice is twice as big as any other in it's class, yet is less weight and cost less than any other full size high banker on the market!!

Order yours today and start prospecting without the problems.

Due to the day to day change in the US & CDN Dollar or for any other Information Etc. please call Toll Free: 1-800-490-1470

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