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S-1 Finishing Machine

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NEW! S-1 Finishing System

The new S-1 Finishing System is the best of the best!

Again US Prospector developed this with one thing in mind - eliminate the problems.

Do you have lots of black sand with gold saturated through it and haven't found a way to get that gold out? Have you been disappointed with other machines OR can't tolerate panning those heavy con's?

This list of problems might be familiar? Too slow, too complicated to operate, multiple runs, have to baby-sit, have to spoon feed, keeps loosing gold, too expensive...
This gold came from one five gallon bucket of trommel concentrates that had been run through everything and was about to be thrown out.
We salvaged the bucket, ran it through the S-1 finishing sluice and recovered a half an ounce of minus 100 mesh gold that most prospectors never see, or even know is in thier gravel! US Prospector is deticated to real world improvments in gravity hydraulic recovery!

Again, all these issues have been solved!
We now have a quick, automatic, no re-run, walk away from, shovel full at a time, SUPER high recovery rate, inexpensive finishing system! So good in fact, a Placer mining company from Oregon came to us with a problem. This company recovers approximately 2000 lbs (one Ton) of black sand from processing 100,000 lbs of raw, bank run placer gravels through their primary concentrator (a trommel).
After running that black sand through multiple gold separating devices, they informed us that those black sand tailings had twelve ounces to the ton of lost gold! We ran their black sand tailings through the S-1 and recovered nearly 100% of what the other machines lost! (We will post the actual results when they get the next assay return.)This gold was mostly minus 100 mesh all the way down to gold that needed a microscope to see! And the small amount of black sand that remains in the S-1 at clean up will be smelted with the free gold due to the fact that it is likely to be gold or other valuable metals encapsulated in a crust of iron oxide.

This new finishing system is faster, easier and recovers better than machines costing much much more!

Order yours today and start prospecting without the problems.

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