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If you are looking for the best equipment to process, upgrade and recover gold - look no further!

Professional gold mines are now using the G-1 hydraulic concentrator and the S-1 finishing system to upgrade their concentrates and finish to a direct smelt gold.

The G-1 hydraulic concentrator process' all the heavy concentrates from the trommel operations.

It will reduce buckets to cups in very short order with losses limited to a small fraction of one percent.!

Even though the sluice is completely filled with black sand our new “truly” state of the art design retains the gold while continually shedding excess black sands.

Controlled tests of the G-1 tailings show virtually zero visible gold loss! Unprecedented speed and recovery!

The S-1 finishing system has replaced vastly more complicated and expensive finishing systems. Many thousands of dollars were spent on wheels, automated contraptions and shaking tables and all were losing gold. Not now!

The G-1 and S-1 from US Prospector have solved virtually all of there gold loss problems.

The gold recovery is so high that we are having trouble accurately determining the percentage. Thus far we are at 99.99% recovery of visible gold.

One of our new customers “Miller Mining” in Oregon came to us with his black sand tailings. These had been run through many complicated and expensive machines to recover the gold and was still assaying heavy losses.

For every 2000 pounds of this black sand, twelve ounces of gold was getting away!

We ran it through the S-1 system and recovered virtually 100%. This was mostly minus 100 mesh all the way down to microscopic gold.

When professional mining companies can recover better with US Prospector equipment than with other companies equipment costing thousands more - you can trust US Prospector equipment to give you the very best performance, recovery and value in your weekend, small or large scale placer mining!

Our new designs are truly state of the art, faster, easier and more accurate.

Operators need only minutes of training.

Order yours today and start prospecting without the problems.

Due to the day to day change in the US & CDN Dollar or for any other Information Etc. please call Toll Free: 1-800-490-1470

US Prospectors have now increased the size of the trays and added as a separate unit for commercial mines and are
producing units from 2 to 32 recovery units and now have contracts with commercial mines for the Fine Gold Recovery.
D & D Metal Detectors have 8 of these units and will have 2 mobile demo setups, 1 will be 2 units in a 2500 Chev. Van and the other will be 7 units on a new 16' Trailer.
Call us @ 1-800-490-1470
For more information.

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