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Angus Mackirks Bucket Grizzly

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Angus Mackirks
Bucket Grizzly

Tired of filling buckets with an ordinary screen that takes (what seems to feel like) all day?
Shovel, Soak, Shake and then pick out the big rocks ONE AT A TIME.

Well, now you don’t have to!

My NEW “Bucket Grizzly” lets you shovel as fast as you can and it does the rest of the work for you!

In a second, All “Bank Run” over 1/2 inch slides off onto the ground so you are only carrying buckets filled with material ready to be processes in your primary recovery device (or Panned).

It’s like having 4 more miners working for you,
without the expense!

Due to the day to day change in the US & CDN Dollar Call for any Information Etc. please call Toll Free: 1-800-490-1470

Your Price:C$99.95