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The Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger offers a three mode versatility unmatched by any other gold hunting detectors. And it's Groundhog 15 kHz circuit is world renowned for it's power in penetrating ground minerals to detect gold. The Gold Stinger punches through heavily mineralized soil to locate nuggets, float, and ore veins.

Just a flip of a switch lets you change from non-motion All metal nugget hunting operation to motion Discriminate searching for precise coin hunting. Flip the switch again and you activate the true T/R discrimination mode for accurate identification of conductive ore. You won't be fooled by iron rocks, fools gold, or non-conductive specimens. This is the lowest price ground-balancing nugget detector available with a full-range discrimination circuit.The perfect detector for those who want to nugget hunt and coin hunt with one machine, and at a price anyone can afford!

Analog Operating System
Surface Mount Technology
Three Operating Modes Non Motion/All Metal Motion Discrimination T/R Discrimination
Calibrated (Hot Rocks and Ore Sampling)
Adjustable Sensitivity/Depth
Manual Ground Balance´┐Ż
10 Turn Automatic Ground Balance (Motion Discriminate Mode)
Precision 10 Turn Audio Silent Search
Automatic Retuning
Sharp Audio Target Response
5"x10" Elliptical Crossfire Search-coil
Comfort Stem Design with Armrest
Optional Hip Mounting of Electronic Package
Automatic Battery Condition Indicator
Three 9v Batteries:Included
Garrett 10" Gold Pan Included
Mono Headphone Jack
Instructional Video
Operating Weight: 3 lb., 6 oz.
The Pro model comes with an additional 3"X7" Crossfire DD Search Coil. Very useful in tight areas n and around rocks and crevases.
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