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The Fisher F2 features a large control panel with seven big push buttons and an equally big display. The control panel is very simple to operate, making this an excellent detector for beginners.

On the control housing you will see both a two (2) digit display and a target category readout on the top showing items from iron/foil to nickels, to dimes, quarters, etc. An arrow will illuminate under the target category and a two digit number will show specific target value that helps you identify your target. Anyone can pick up the Fisher F2 and start detecting right away.

The F2 features “Notch Discrimination” which allows you to pinpoint an item and prevent the detector from detecting it again (great for those pesky pull tabs!). It has an “All Metals” mode which is great for scanning parks, beaches and old home sites for coins and jewellery while still ignoring old scrap iron. Meanwhile the depth readout will tell you exactly how deep to dig for your target.

The sensitivity of this machine has earned rave reviews from both first time users and experienced detectorists. It has found items as deep as 10” in various soil types with medium sensitivity. Meanwhile the Pinpointing feature allows you to hone in on specific items. The 4” coil makes hunting in trash areas a breeze, and tested hot on 3 grain gold nuggets – meaning this machine is good for prospecting as well!

The light weight of the Fisher F2 combined with the adjustable arm cuff will keep you hunting for hours! Headphone jack is conveniently located on the bottom of the unit and is weather protected to stay safe in various hunting conditions.


2-Digit numeric target value
4-tone audio I.D.
One touch Pin pointing
Target category Notch system
Real time coin depth indicator
Light weight only 2.6 lbs.
5 year limited warranty
The Fisher F2 Coil Combo Kit comes with everything any treasure hunter will need to grow into an advanced user with finds to envy because NOTHING will be missed thanks to this package! The F2 Coil Combo Kit comes with a 4" coil for coin shooting, a 10" coil to find deeply buried relics, an FPoint pinpointer to ensure NOTHING is missed, and an official Fisher carrying bag to hold it all!

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